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November 30, 2006

No money needed to stop AIDS

World AIDS Day is coming up December 1st, and the liberals are deploying out their foot soldiers. Their pitching the same old message: more money, more condoms. They've added that AIDS is the deadly gift that keeps on giving because of "discrimination and stigma". I fail to see how that would cause someone to choose such a painful and eventual death.

The libs' message about AIDS is one that means nothing and produces nothing but I've got news for them. It doesn't take one more red cent to stop AIDS. And you can use all the condoms you want, AIDS will not stop. The bulk of the problem with people and AIDS is that people are unwilling to let go of their disobedient ignorance.

We can stop AIDS, but it requires something most of the sex industry is against. Personal discipline. Not the discipline to wear a condom every time. Sex is much more than an act. That's problem number 1 with the sex peddlers and their hapless victims. Sex seems to be nothing more than a dog (or dawg)in heat.

I proposed a 100% full proof plan to stop AIDS within a decade and now it appears someone else has the same idea. Rev Rick Warren (yep, the purpose-driven life guy), whose church is hosting a controversial AIDS conference came up with the acronym STOP:
S-Save sex for marriage
T-Train men to treat women and children with respect
O-Offer treatment through churches
P-Pledge yourself to one partner for life

We'll assume that he means one opposite sex marriage partner in the "P". Other than that, it seems like a good plan. And like I said it doesnt require any more government money and while we're at it, we could put the condom industry out of business. In contrast, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan casts a lists of requirements, but none call for personal sexual restraint or monagamy. Italics mine.

"It[stopping AIDS] requires business leaders to work for HIV prevention in the workplace and in the wider community, and to care for affected workers and their families. It requires health workers, community leaders and faith-based groups to listen and care, without passing judgment. It requires fathers, husbands, sons and brothers to support and affirm the rights of women. It requires teachers to nurture the dreams and aspirations of girls. It requires men to help ensure that other men assume their responsibility — and understand that real manhood means protecting others from risk. It requires every one of us to help bring AIDS out of the shadows, and spread the message that silence is death."

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