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December 01, 2006

The Friday 411 - 011206

So, who's talking about what?
This begins a new series where I will be highlighting who's talking about what on Friday. I think I have a fantastic list of blogmates who are intelligent and bring to light real issues with great commentary. I'm real picky about who I link to because I don't support everybody. Yes, you can call it discrimination. I pick and choose who I want to link to. If you want me to include you on the Friday 411, send me an email with your link. Of course I can't highlight everyone, but I promise the best and most updated will end up on the front to speak. Anyway, what's on their minds this fine Friday?

Independent Conservative has been hitting the Muslim angle pretty hard lately and for good reason. The Muslim guilt factor has been running rampant since 9/11, Iraq, His Popeness's rebuke/retraction and other incidents. Currently, IC is talking about the new Muslim politician from Minnesota in his post "Keith Ellison/Hakim/X Ellison/Ellison-Muhammad Should Not Be in Congress. On Top of Not Having a Choice to Say His Oath on a Bible!" Even though he has yet to take his seat in Congress, Ellison seems to be representing the Saudis more than his AMERICAN constituents.

Peter LaBarbera at Americans For Truth is helping to spread the news of a New Study which says Childhood Family Factors Influence Sexual Orientation. Of course, our position is that there is but ONE sexual orientation. What is it? I'm glad you asked. God divinely and originally oriented man sexually and relationally towards woman and pronounced it good. We feel that there is no need to add or subtract from anything God said was good. Additionally, we feel that so-called "sexual orientations" is an socio-political invention of the liberal scientific left wingers. In biblical terms a result of the fallen/sinful nature of man.

If you are looking for a good laugh, try reading "An ACLU Christmas" at Nathan's Church and State blog.

Illegal aliens and their illegal activities is the topic of LaShawn Barber's Friday issues. This has been at the top of the news here in Atlanta. The culprit is an Alpharetta drywall company. LaShawn writes "Earlier this week, six illegal aliens — who entered the U.S. by slipping past authorities, circumventing safeguards put in place to protect American citizens — were arrested at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The illegal aliens had access to secured areas."
Enough already, this is insanity! The Democrats better handle this problem before they get their tushies warm in their new seats. Since the President and the Republicans were too sissified to deal with it, let's see what the Dems will do.

Okay, if you do a couple of good deeds does that mean you can say whatever filthy words you want in a rap song? Rapper David Banner seems to think so. BlackElectorate profiles this case notably because the National Black Caucus (go figure) gave him an award at a student luncheon.

Mark at Chester Street picks apart an "open letter" to James Dobson. It seems the writer "Bluegal" is upset by Dobson's decision not to help with Ted Haggard's "restoration". Mark points out several fallacies in Bluegals's thinking. Definitely worth the read.

And finally on NewsBusters, Tim Graham talks about the Obama-AIDS-Rick Warren controversy. He reveals how the although the media is eating up the story now, they all but ignored Warren when his Purpose Driven Life was burning up the best seller lists. Predictably, when a religious conservative loosens his religious conservative standards and gets involved with liberal media figures (like Obama), the MSM falls in love almost immediately. Otherwise, you mean nothing to them. Beware.

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