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December 04, 2006

The question is...

"If a child grew up in a home where he was constantly told he is bad, constantly told he was stupid, constantly told he was evil, constantly told he is unhealthy, constantly told he should not be happy, constantly told he was going to die young, constantly told he was rejected by even god, constantly told he was less human than others, constantly harassed by others about these things….what kind of adult will this child become?" [italics mine]

Ok, let's answer Joe Brummer's hypothetical question with some real life questions and perhaps we may get a good answer.

(1)If teens are taught that sticking a balled up fist in someone's anus is a good thing, what kind of adult would that teen become? (2)If a group of homosexual activists masquerading as advisors to teens, took teens to gay clubs for the purpose of teaching "hot men to put on condoms", what type of adult would this teen become? (3) If another "gay teen center" told teens that they should either cut off their penis or have a doctor mutilate their vaginas because they don't like the gender identity they were born with, what kind of adult would these teens become?

Reminds me of a young white homosexual man who confronted me after a speech I gave in Waco, Texas.
My parents told me that from the age of two they knew that I was gay, he said to me as proof that he was "born gay". I thought about it for a second and then asked him, "What if your parents had told you that you were a pig? What do you think you would be doing right now?"

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