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December 11, 2006

Homosexuality a "temptation, not orientation"

Former homosexual Rev. Tim Wilkins of North Carolina, speaking at the Saddleback AIDS conference said something I would categorize as mildly profound.
For Christians to love homosexuals like Jesus would, they should stop thinking of homosexuality as an orientation and start thinking of it as a temptation, says Tim Wilkins, himself "formerly gay." [source]
I agree with that. We believe there is only one orientation. Man was emotionally, relationally and sexually oriented towards woman and God pronounced it good. What is now called "sexual orientation[s]" is largely a man made concoction, a product of his sinful rebellion against God. Homosexuality -- a sinful condition-- then is part of the sexual divergence from the will, purpose and creative intent of God. Of course gay activists have attempted to coop this truth with "science".

Seeing it as such would quickly alleviate this social, and perhaps political struggle over the "rights" of homosexuals.

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