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June 02, 2006

Family was God's idea

Soulforce, the religious homosexual rights group, wants to put up 16 (not sure why they didn't round off) of these billboards in Nashville, TN, the hometown of Senate Marjority leader Bill Frist. Their goal: to prove that homosexuals are just like heterosexuals to warn people that we should obey what Coretta Scott King said about homosexuals with children. But, unfortunately (for Soulforce) Coretta Scott King didn't create, originate or define the family. Family was and is God's idea and it started with an authentic man and an authentic woman. No matter what Coretta Scott King (God rest her soul) said, she's not the authority on family, God is.

That's why we took the liberty to correct Soulforce's misguided message and ask that you help put up 36 of these new, revised billboards up in Nashville.

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