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August 07, 2006

Dallas gay priest's racist, potty mouth

You wouldn't believe some of the stuff so-called gay Christians say! Well, I know you wouldn't that's why I am exposing this foul mouthed --not to mention racist-- gay "clergyman" from Dallas. He, too was "angry" and couldn't I guess just control his words. Rev. Stephen Waller (pictured) of Saint Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church, where the majority of the members are gay or lesbian is a bit profane.

A friend of mine in Dallas, who incidentally is a black Episcopalian, wrote me to say:

"You need to blog on the sacrilegious, racist comments by the HP rector (pastor) in the Observer story. Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria leads the strongest, largest Anglican contingent inside OR outside the US, is highly educated and is widely considered the most powerful person in Anglicanism next to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams (the head honcho). Archbishop Akinola is also strongly opposed to homosexuality -- as are his followers. So the "deepest, darkest Africa" comment really ticked me off. What the rector was REALLY saying is "we don't have to listen to those ignorant n------." Not to mention his dropping the F-bomb in the interview."
From the Dallas Observer (Warning: long story): Waller's racist comments are prefaced by the predictable "we let black people in our church, therefore... What a badge of honor.
The Episcopal Church has always been a church of inclusion, Waller says. This very church, Saint Thomas the Apostle, which today has 250 to 300 members, was one of the first white churches in Dallas to allow a black woman to worship with them. It was one of the first churches with a female priest. And it was one of the first churches to open its doors to gays.
Waller's next statement launches the F-bomb. Perhaps, that's considered ordinary language for gay priests. The Bible asks "does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?" (James 3:11) Apparently so when the fountain is Stephen Waller's mouth. Waller was angry at Rev. Canon David Rosenberry of Plano, TX for his opposition to homosexuality.
"My grasp of truth, I believe, is a bit wider than his is, and I don't know why his has to be so narrow. It's unfortunate. He's got a wonderful thing going, why does he have to fuck it up?"
More bittersweet from the fountain of Stephen Waller.
"I think what's going on with the conservative right in the Episcopal Church is causing all of us to have to prop up the building, and we wouldn't have to do it if they would just settle down. The general convention made its decision to elect Katharine Jefferts Schori presiding bishop, and nobody's head fell off. Gene Robinson is the only partnered gay bishop that we know of. We've made a decision that we're not likely to elect and consecrate somebody else because we don't want to offend anybody in the deepest, darkest Africa about this. What else do you want? What they want is Gene's head on a platter and Katharine to be a guy,"
This stuff keeps seeping out and really makes you wonder just how widespread it is. As some gay activists have indicated to me concerning the Adam Kautz thing, racism is everywhere. But what they don't want to do is take responsibility for the unhinged racism coming out of their own community. As I have said before, instead of running around accusing the world-at-large of homophobia, how about taking a good hard look at the racists sitting on your own front porch?

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